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BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" Spawn

ITP Studios proudly presently the fifth character from
BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends", a character that
shattered sales records for an Independent Comic Book,
Todd MacFarlanes,
 I started collecting comics myself right when Todd MacFarlane starting his run of Spider-Man and was blown away. I had always read comics but they were my Dads. Spider-Man #1 was the first comic I bought my own money. I remember my Mom taking me to the local comic book shop and seeing all the different cover of that issue (I ended up getting the gold colored cover). Anyways, a couple years later I walked by a spinner in a Sears store (Yes they had comics at one point in Sears stores) and there was Spawn #1. It was unlike anything I had read before and looking back I probably was too young to read it as well. Regardless, I was hooked. After that I was an Image kid. I read every Image comic, the good with the bad, and back then there was a lot of bad but I didn't care. It focused much more on th…

BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" the TICK

Another update so soon. You Bet!

Here comes the next character to be released from BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends",
and this time it is BIG BLUE himself,

This character always made me laugh. Whether it was in his Comic Books, Animated Cartoon or the wickedly funny and unfortunately, short lived live action TV show, the Tick rocked. Whenever I see him in a Comic I have to pick it up.

Cutting it short today as I am working hard on getting more characters done over the Long Weekend. Should see another update tomorrow or on Monday.

Till then Enjoy and Happy Easter,


BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" Vampirella

A bit late but, it is about time, here is the next character from BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends",

The original "Bad Girl", I think, has always looked cool. Honestly I don't think I have every read one of her books that wasn't a crossover with some other character. I think she is from an alien planet were she was part of a race of vampires or something. I am sure wiki has all the info on her.

This is the first female character that I did in the BIT+ Paper Toy. I redesigned the template to make it a bit more feminine friendly I guess (just skinnier really).I had planned on doing a BIT+ Series with the Theme being "Bad Girls" but I really wanted to start adding in female characters sooner since creating each toy has been taking longer than the first Series (damn it for having to get a job).

So here you go. Enjoy building another character. Only five more to go until this Series is wrapped up.

Oh, I added a poll to the blog. I have decided to let you deci…

BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" Usagi Yojimbo

Introducing the second character from BIT + Series 5, "Indy Legends", the lone rabbit......


Stan Sakai has created one to the greatest characters in comics and I  cannot wait for him to return to his book soon (Right now him is working on 47 Ronin from Dark Horse Comics ).

This is by far my favorite book and character. I have every trade (several sign by the man himself) as well as some action figures and prints. The characters within Usagi Yojimbo all have their own voice and the storyline all flow in and out of one another, that it is truly a great work of art. Stan Sakai has created a masterpiece in my opinion.

Plus I just found out that a new Usagi Yojimbo game, Usagi Yojimbo Way of the Ronin has just been released. Have to check that out.

Anyways, enough geeking out here. Enjoy the new BIT+ Paper Toy, and look for another update soon. (I have a couple side characters that I am working on right now which look awesome).


*NEW* the MINI BIT+ Released

Introducing the "MINI BIT+" from ITP Studios. Featuring all of the characters from the previous released BIT+ series at a faction of the size. These Mini BIT+ stand in a approx 3/4 of an inch, which works perfectly for those with limited space on your shelf or desk. "The Marvelous"(featuring SpiderMan, Venom, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Red Hulk, Wolverine and Deadpool) and "Worlds Finest"(Superman, Doomsday, Green Lantern, Flash, Reverse Flash, Batman and the Joker) are the first series to be series.
Look for "Ninja Turtles" in the MINI BIT+ series to be released soon. Later, t.

Emerald City Recap and the Debut of Series 5

Well Everyone,

I had a great time at Emerald City Comic Con this past weekend. It was great to get out and meet everyone at the show as well as share all of the BIT+ Paper Toys.
The reaction was better than I could have hoped. I actually had to go get more copies of the NEW BIT+ Mini's*  (*more on this over the weekend) printed at the first day because I only had 2 left over. Everyone seemed to like the overall design/shape which has really inspired me to keep going on these and try to bring more characters to life even faster. I got a few ideas about upcoming characters from people at the show as well as a couple of variants ideas on a couple of characters that I have already done (e.i. X-Force versions of Deadpool and Wolverine).
I think after I finish up the series that is debuting in this post I will post a poll on which characters I should do for the next series. I already have the theme picked out but I would like some help on which characters to create from that galaxy and e…