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BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" Hero Bear

Next up from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2", from the mind of Mike Kunkel, Hero Bear.

I love black and white comics, especially ones were the roughs are still visible. Adding is one simple color, in this case red, to just make certain things pop makes the book spectacular. That is what Mike Kunkel has done with his book, now published through kaboom! Studios, Hero Bear and the Kid.

I enjoyed this comic when it first came out and am happy to see it return. Mike brings such life to his drawings and the characters are great. I look forward to seeing what adventures he takes them on.

I will be releasing the third character from Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" in the next couple of days.

Until then, Thank you for all the support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy.

BIT+ Paper Toys
Creating paper toy.....madness!!

BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" Atomic Robo!!

Hello Everyone,

As promised here is the first character from BIT+ Series 12"Indy Legends 2", from Red 5 Comics, Atomic Robo!

I really enjoy this series and never thought a comic involving science would be for me. Boy, was I wrong. If you have never ready Atomic Robo you have to check it out. The artwork and storylines are fun, entertaining. The creators have made a great comic that you can put up and just enjoy with out needing to know any back story. It is just, like I said, a fun and entertaining story.

So that is it for know. I will release another character from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" this Sunday (August 17th).

Thank you for all the support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy.

BIT+ Paper Toys
Creating paper toy.....madness!!

BIT+ Paper Toys turns Two!

Welcome Everyone,

Two years?!? Seriously it has already been two years?

I am very happy to still be creating these paper toys after two years and look forward to continuing of creating more BIT+ Paper Toys in the next year and so on.

Thank you to everyone how has supported me, whether it was by stopping by a one of the conventions I attended this past year or stopping by the blog or Facebook page. It is your support and the fact that you actually like to characters I create that keep me going.

There are now four different sizes of the BIT+ Paper Toy Templates. We got theminiBIT+ (approx. 0.75"), VSBIT+ (approx. 1.75"), BIT+ (approx. 2.25"), and the MEGABIT+ (approx 4.25"). Didn't plan on having the four sizes when I started it but I really do enjoy having them. I have recently been think of doing all of the characters as the VSBIT+ size as there are two characters per 8.5" x11" sheet of paper so they do not take up as much space. Still not sure but it…

Hero Bear Sneak Peek

Hello Everyone.

Here is a character from the upcoming BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" line, Hero Bear.

I have followed Mike Kunkel's Hero Bear and the Kid for a long time. I first meet him at the Calgary Expo several years ago and was just amazing at how nice of a guy he was. Fast forward to 2014, and I was lucky enough to see him again at the Calgary Expo and he is still just as nice. His book, now coming out through kaboom! studios is back and better then ever. Be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

Thank you for the support.
BIT+ Paper Toys
Creating paper toy.....madness!!