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BIT+ Series 9 "Game On" Ken

Now for the last character from BIT+ Series 9 "Game On", Ken!!

Originally I had planned on having the final character be Cammie. I even have half drawn, but as the time went by, I wasn't happy with how she looked. Then the other day I just said, that Ken is taking her spot this time around. Ken was always the character I played the most (him and Blanka).

With Ken being released, now I can focus on the future series of BIT+ Paper Toys. I do not plan on starting a new series without finishing the previous one again. I am also thinking of no longer doing a series of 8 characters at time and switching to releasing a single character at a time after I finish the next two series (a 2nd Trick or Screamers and 2nd Saturday Mornings). I already have done a series in most of the themes that I wanted, with the exception of Manga but those will come, so now I will just add to them.

That's is all for now. Coming this weekend I will release the first from Trick or Screamers.


BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" Judge Dredd

Time for another character that should have ben done a long time ago, but better later then never. The last character from BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends", JUDGE DREDD!

I really enjoyed the last Dredd movie. Karl Urban made for a great Dredd. Felt he and the movie really captured a lot of what Dredd should be.I really hope they make a second one.

Really don't have much to say about this one. Happy with how he turned out, and it is nice to finish up this series. Only series I have left unfinished now is the Game On Series. Hopefully I can finish the last character by the weekend. After I release the last character from "Game On", I will start posting the new characters from "Trick or Screamers".

Thank you for all the support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy.

BIT+ Paper Toys
Creating paper toy.....madness!!

BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends" the MAXX!!

Hello Everyone.

Today ITP Studios is happy to finally release from BIT+ Series 5 "Indy Legends", Sam Keiths', the MAXX!!

I have had the Maxx on my plate to finish for a long time and had every intention to finish him but whenever he was opened up to work on, I would end up jumping onto another character instead.

Finally forced myself to himself him, so it feels good to get him released for everyone to see (I have one other character from this series to release and you should see him released in a couple days).

I always liked the Maxx. He was the one book from Image Comics back in the day that was really different from the rest. I enjoyed the series and look forward to getting the new collected editions from IDW.

Thank you all for you support and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy.

BIT+ Paper Toys
Creating paper toy.....madness!!

BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" TANK GIRL!!!

Alright, time to release the final character from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2",

I was talking to a friend at a convention about the first BIT+ Indy Legends and how I wanted to have more female characters but wasn't sure who to design. Tank Girl was the first character she named off, and right away I knew I wanted to take a stab at her. Didn't know much about her but thought that she had a wicked look. I have read a few of Tank Girls comics as well and enjoyed them. I would like to read more so maybe one day I'll grab a collected edition. 

So that is a wrap for BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2".

Next up is a new Trick or Screamers Series just in time for Halloween. I should have one posted in the next couple of days. Check back for that.

Also this is the 100th post. Woooo

Doesn't really mean anything but thought it was neat. Shows that I need to post more though. Over twos of BIT+ and only now reaching the 100th post. Gotta step it up …

BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" Bloodshot!!

ITP Studios is happy to release the seventh character from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2", from Valiant Comics, BLOODSHOT!

Originally I was not going to design Bloodshot. But I was having a hard time deciding between Conan or the Rocketeer when I realized that I hadn't designed any characters from Valiant Comics. Valiant Comic was big when I fully got into comics and they had much cool characters like Quantum & Woody, Ninjak, Shadowman, XO-Manowar, Rai just to name a few. I remember seeing the first Bloodshot comic when it came out (the same day as the Death of Superman comic. It was crazy that day at the comic shop) with its crazy cover. Typical 90's comics. So awesome.

Anyways, once I realized there were no Valiant characters so far in the Indy Legends Series, I had to design Bloodshot. Probably the most popular of the Valiant characters. I was able to finish designing him in a day (which is fast for me). There are a few characters that are just easy to design…

BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2" Invincible!!

Next up from BIT+ Series 12
"Indy Legends 2", comes "the only superhero comic book you will ever need!",

This is probably my favorite Robert Kirkman book. For me the Walking Dead is amazing but I can wait until the collected volumes come out. With Invincible every month crap goes down. Kirkman and Ryan Ottley have been killing it on this comic for a long time now and they just keep raising the bar. I don't know how they do it but please continue doing so.

Again, if you don't know what I am talking about, please check out this book. Definitely the best superhero comic on the shelves right now in my opinion.

For the Invincible BIT+ Paper Toy, I just went with him standing there, kinda just chillin'. He doesn't get to do that much in his book so I thought it would be nice (at least lately).

Only two more characters left for BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2", and I am not even sure who one of them will be. Tank Girl is in the wo…

BIT+ Series 12"Indy Legends 2" Hannah!!

Another one from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2".

From Image Comics, the smash hit Rat Queens, the rockabilly elven mage, Hannah!

I am a huge fan of this series. Kurtis J Weibe and Roc UpChurch are creating a series that I have always wanted to read but never knew it until I picked up the first issue. The art is what drew me to the book but after reading the first couple pages I realized I was already glued to the characters and the world they lived in. Amazing. Not many comic books have done that for me (Saga, and Invincible are a couple that come to mind) so congrats to Kurtis and Roc for Rat Queens. I can't wait to see where you take the Rat Queens next.

If you have no idea what I am talking about. Go get this book. You won't be disappointed.

I was very happy with how Hannah Paper Toy turned out. I got stuck on her hair for awhile but I was making it too complicated then remembered I am trying to keep things somewhat simpler with certain parts of the designs. B…

BIT+ Series 12"Indy Legends 2" Red Sonja!!

Welcome everyone. It is time to release the next character from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2", the red haired warrior, RED SONJA!
This was a fun character to design. Really wanted to make her look intimidating even though she was in a metal bikini. Hopefully I managed to pull it off. That is it for right now. Thank you for all the support, and enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy. Trevor BIT+ Paper Toys Creating paper toy.....madness!!

BIT+ Series 12 "INDY LEGENDS 2" the Stalk

Releasing next from BIT+ Series 12 "Indy Legends 2", from the smash hit comic Saga, comes the Stalk!

This comic is one of the best being published right now. I look forward to this book every month more than any other right now (Rat Queens is a very close second).

The Stalk character is one of my favorite characters in the series. Hopefully they will find a way to include her in future stories.

More characters from BIT+ Series 12 will be released really soon.

Until then enjoy the BIT+ paper toy.

Thank you far all the support.

BIT+ Paper Toys
Creating paper toy.....madness!!