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BIT+ Series 3 "Trick or Screamers" Spooky and Scary Ghosts are released

Good day everyone.

Halloween is fast approaching and with that in mind ITP Studios is proud to release, from BIT+ Series 3 "Trick or Screamers", the ghastly duo of


Next Saturday , Nov 2nd,  I will be attending the Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma. I will have all the new BIT+ Paper Toys available at the show. So please stop by and check out the show. It is a lot of fun.

That is it for now as I hope to release another BIT+ Paper Toy over the weekend.

Later and enjoy the paper toys,

BIT+ Series 3 "Trick or Screamers" Zombie is released

ITP Studios is proud to finally release, adding to the
"Trick or Screamers" Series which started last year, it is the return of the undead, the ZOMBIE!

It seems like I am surrounded by Zombies lately. Whether it is my kids running around playing as Zombie Hunters, they have a full plan of what to do when/if the Zombie apocalypse happens (so do I, but only for the slow moving Zombies. If it the fast running Zombies I know that we are all pretty much not going make it in that one), my wife wearing her brains T-shirt, or watching World War Z (good Zombie movie) and diving right into the new season of the Walking Dead (my personal favorite Zombie show), I can not get away from them.
I had a hard time making this one as I wanted to go really dark and gruesome but it just would not have fit with the BIT+ style that I have going on right now. So I decided to take inspiration from Zombies games aimed at kids while adding some of the elements that I enjoy as well. I am happy with t…

"Ninja Turtles" Black and White Variant Released from ITP Studios

Hello Everyone.

I am happy to announce, from BIT+ Series 2 "Ninja Turtles", the Black and White Variants of, everyone favorite turtles in a half Shell, Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael.

It was a lot of fun doing this Variants, along with the Wolverine and Deadpool ones, and I hope that everyone is getting a kick out of them as well. Who knows, we may see a Iron Man Variant (War Machine maybe??).

On Wednesday I will be releasing another new BIT+ Paper Toy Character from the incomplete "Trick or Screamers" Series. If you follow my Facebook Page you can see several preview images of the new character while I was working on it. It was neat doing the cropped sneak peek type images during different stages of the characters development and I believe I will continue to do that for future character releases.

I got nothing else right now but remember a new character is being released this Wednesday, plus enjoy the Ninja Turtles Black and White Variants.


Variant BIT+ DEADPOOL X-Force Edition

Hello Everyone,

As promised here is the next variant from BIT+ Series 1 "the MARVELOUS", for the web only,

DEADPOOL, X-Force Edition.

For all those interested in this BIT+ Paper Toy, it will only be available online and not at any Comic
Convention that I attend.

So please enjoy. 


Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo Recap and going forward

Hello everyone.

Thank you everyone how stopped by the table to say hello this past weekend at the Edmonton Comic Expo. I had a great time at the show meeting all of you.

I had several new BIT+ paper toys making their convention debut and I was very happy with the response that they got. This show was also this first time I used a new stand that I had built to display the BIT+ paper toys. While it took longer to put together than grid wall, I think that it looked a lot nicer with it clean and simple look. Putting the posters in we're a pain but I think I have thought of a better way to do it next time (taping them in place was annoying). I have a pic below of what the table looked like at the show.

Next up is the Jet City Comic Show, on November 2nd, 2013, in Tacoma, WA. This show has be held previously in Seattle but this year they made the change to host it in Tacoma. Should be fun. I enjoy visiting the Seattle area.

I have also decided that for the month of October I am going to…