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Camilla D'Errico's Tanpop Kuro BIT+ Style

Hello everyone.

Had a great time this past weekend at VanCAF (more on that in a later post), and it is time for the release of a *NEW* BIT+ Paper Toy.

The very talented Camilla D'Errico was kind enough to let me create a few of her characters from her book Tanpopo , in the BIT+ Paper Toy Template.

Introducing fromCamilla D'Errico's Tanpopo,


I decided to start with the character Kuro. Throughout the book he appears as several different versions of himself and here are three of them. Kuro also appears in human form that I may also end up designing, along with the title character Tanpopo in the near future.

I was very happy to do this Paper Toy, as I have been a fan of Camilla's work for years and she is  one of the nicest people I have meet. She is an amazing talent and I look forward to all her future projects.

For those of you that are interested in checking out her work you can find it here.

That is it for now.

Enjoy the Paper toy.


Releasing "Ninja Turtles" miniBIT+ Series 3

Good Day People.

Been a little slow on here as of late. I am working on multiple things behinds the scenes right now that have keep me away from my blog but I will be posting more regularly soon. Several characters are almost done, plus some surprise characters that I have been working on.

All last month I had a poll up that gave you the chance to pick the theme for the next BIT+ Series and the winner ending up being:


Street Fighter was a close second but came up a bit short. Except to see the Star Wars series released during the month of August. I am pumped!

For those of you that did vote for Street Fighter don't worry. I have decided to make it Series 9 of the BIT+ Paper Toy, which is planned to be released in September. Oh yeah!

Now onto to the topic of the post, miniBIT+ Series 3,"NINJA TURTLES".

I have been looking forward to this one for awhile. The Turtles kick, well ya know, and I think they are ready to take over any shelf at home or office. I have also …

VanCAF in 2 weeks

Evening all,

VANCAF is just over 2 weeks away.

This will be my first time at the show and I am excited for it.
I have art in the VanCaf Mini Artbook plus a piece
in the auction. Both are first for me.

Here is a sneak peek at what I am working on for the Auction.

There is more but that is all that I am going to show right now.



Up Coming Schedule

Good Day everyone.

The past several weeks have been crazy.

First up, Thank you to everyone that stopped by at Fan Expo Vancouver a couple of weeks ago and the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo last weekend. I had a great time at both shows and enjoyed meeting everyone.

I have been a bit slow on posting new characters the last little bit but with the two shows on back to back weekends I was very busy getting ready for those shows. I slows down a little for the next bit so I should have some new characters posted soon. Below are a couple self imposed deadlines/goals so everyone knows what I am working on:

Series 5 "Indy Legends" - End of May (Characters remaining - Savage Dragon, Judge Dredd, the Maxx)

Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" - End of June (Characters remaining - Fionna, Jake and Cake, Zim and Gir, Samurai Jack, Aku. The last two characters are up in the air. I am either doing Optimus Prime and Megatron or Johnny Bravo and Kim Possible)

Series 8 "TBA" -…