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BIT+ Paper Toys Year One

Can you believe that it has already been a year since the first BIT+ Paper Toys were released. I can't.

The designs have come a long way since Series One "The Marvelous", but I think those characters still hold there ground against the newer series that I have done. With the release of Aku yesterday that makes 48 different BIT+ characters in the first year (I think). Almost one a week. Not bad.
I hope to release even more in Year Two. I have a simple goal for year Two and that is 70 new characters by the end of it. Plus I plan to feature a lot more female characters plus have some scene setters for the characters as well (you will see what I mean when I finish the Trick or Treat Series is October).
Well that is enough out of me. I have to get back to getting the Summer of BIT+ back on track (I had been really sick for the past two weeks. I lost 18 pounds in the first 4 days of being sick) but below I have adjusted the checklist drawing that I did to include all the cha…

BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" Aku is released

ITP Studios is proud to release the next character from BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" is one and only true evil, from the amazing cartoon Samurai Jack,


Aku was always trying to finish off that cursed Samurai and thankfully he never succeeded. I found Aku a fun character. He was over the top as far as evil but funny at the same time. Hopefully one day we will see the Samurai Jack movie and the two of them can have their final battle.

Enjoy the paper toy.