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Emerald City Comic Con this weekend

Hello Everyone.

I am off to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. The biggest Comic Con in the Pacific Northwest. If you haven't been to this Con and you are in the area you need to go if you can. It is a blast.

The show hours are:

2pm -8pm on Friday

10am -7pm on Saturday


10am to 5pm on Sunday.

I am at Booth 101, one of the first tables when you walk in to the Con by the ticket registration area.

I will have all of the BIT+ Paper Toy available either as a DIY sheet or Assembled already in a box, as well as several new BIT+ Paper Toys from Series 5 "Indy Legends" that will be debuting at the show.

I will also have a new series of BIT+ debuting called BIT+MINI. The first of the BIT+MINI to be released is Series 1 "the Marvelous". The little Paper Toys stand at approx 3/4 of an inch tall, so for those of you that have little shelf space left, this works perfectly.

Expect to see all the new BIT+ and BIT+MINI Paper Toys released online the weekend of March 9th…

BIT+ series 4 "Worlds Finest" DOOMSDAY

ITP Studios is proud to present the final character
from BIT+ series 4 "Worlds Finest",


The creature that killed Superman. I remember walking to the Comic Stop that day with one of the best friends. He wasn't that into comics but knew that Superman 75 was an epic comic at the time. We got the the shop 30 minutes before it was suppose to open and saw that the shop was full of people. The shop owner had opened the store early but did not started to ring anyone through until the store was suppose to open, plus he had all the Superman 75 comics behind the till, with a limit of one comic per person of both the special edition and newsstand edition. It was crazy. I have never seen soon many people in a Comic Shop for one book in my life and probably never will again.

Anyways, Doomsday is a cool character that beat down the unbeatable. I hope you enjoy the toy.



BIT+ Series 4 "World's Finest" the JOKER

From BIT+ Series 4 "World's Finest" , ITP Studios is
happy to release the Clown Prince of Chaos,

the JOKER!!!

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it."

Probably the greatest villain ever created, the Joker is complete and total chaos. Heath Ledger was an amazing Joker, the way I always envisioned the Joker should be. Other versions of the Joker were good in there own right but the Dark Knight's Joker just made them all wet themselves a little I thought. I planned on having a more mixed look to the Joker, taking a bit of everything some him over the years, but I just keep coming back to the Dark Knights version.

Now on to Doomsday and than the next series.

"Why so serious?"