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Summer of BIT+ Week 3

Here are Week 3's posts of the Summer of BIT+

Princess Leia  SpiderWoman   Princess Leia Slave Girl Outfit Atomic Robo Gir


BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" Samurai Jack

ITP Studios is happy to bring you the next character from BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings",
the one true Samurai,


Samurai Jack is a great show that I only found out about until after it was over. Lucky I was able to get all 4 of the seasons but, I will probably have to replace them soon due to myself and my kids watching them over and over. I only hope they end up making the long talked about movie to tie up the storyline. I could go on but I need to get up in a few hours so I so go to bed.



BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" Finn

Releasing the third character from BIT+ Series Seven "Saturday Mornings",


I have watched the first season of Adventure Time and Finn and Jake are funny characters. I am not sure if I should let my kids watch it but there are far worse things out there that we could be watching. They seem to enjoy it just like I do and for a show to appeal to both Adults and Kids, it is rare nowadays.

As always enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toys!



Presenting BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings"

And now the first two characters to be released online from Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" of the BIT+ Paper Toy Series.

From the Cartoon Network I bring you


Hope you enjoy these two characters. Had a blast doing them. There are more coming this weekend so come back real soon. I actually have the weekend off so I am hoping to play some catch up and get a few characters finished and online for everyone to enjoy!


Summer of BIT+ Week 2

Here are the week 2 sketches of BIT+
Nightwing  Stan Lee

the Stalk
Luke Skywalker Bruce Lee I hope you enjoy this weeks sketches. This weekend will see new BIT+ Paper Toys posted. I am so excited! later, t.

Summer of BIT+

Hello Everybody!

Been awhile.

For the past week I have been posting sketches of possible future BIT+ Paper Toy's on myDA account. My goal is to post a new sketch each day for the entire summer. Below is the past weeks posts. Each week I will try to post all of the sketches here on the blog.

As far as the Series that I am working on, I am a bit behind. I am close to finishing the "Indy Legends" line and I have half of the "Saturday Mornings" line done too. I am just waiting until I have a couple more characters finished before posting them online for all.

I am also planning on releasing a limited edition B/W version of the TMNT's (Mikey, Leo, Donnie and Raph). Would this be something that you would be willing to pay for? or would you not be interested at all if it was not for free? Give me your thoughts and I will talk more about this after hearing some feedback.

And now without anything else to say right now, the past week of the Summer of BIT+ Sketches.

Wonder …