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BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest" GREEN LANTERN

Rolling out another fine creation from BIT+ SERIES 4 "Worlds Finest",


In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power,
Green Lantern's light!!!

While the movie was OK (my Kids love it though), Hal Jordan is still one of the coolest characters to be a Super Hero. I mean his day job is being a Test Pilot, how cool is that.


BIT+ Assembled by a fan

The following BIT+ Wolverine, Red Hulk and Flash were assembled by
Lionel Cousseau
Great job Lionel!!! If anyone else wants to get their BIT+ Paper Toys featured I will create a new page for any photos I get of your BIT+ Paper toys in action. t.

BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest" SUPERMAN

And now the next character from BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest",

the Man of Steel,


The greatest "superhero" created, him can do it all and then some.

Favorite Superman story has to be "the Death of Superman". Even though we all knew that DC would not really kill him off for good, the build up to the final battle was intense. I remember looking on every newsstand for each issue leading up to the ultimate battle in Superman 75. Feeling the inch to go
read it again after writing this.



BIT+ series 4 "Worlds Finest" Reverse Flash

Introducing the next character from BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest"


Don't know that much about the character but a bad guy with the powers of the FLASH is just awsome.

Supes is up next,


the FLASH BIT+ Series 4

Releasing the next character from BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest",

the FLASH!

BIT + Series 4 "Worlds Finest" starts

Introducing the first character from
BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest"

(available in either the modern costume or a classic costume)

Featuring characters from the DC Comics line, these toys will look great all by themselves or as part of the BIT+ Paper Toy collection.

Batman, the Joker, Superman, Doomsday, Flash, Reverse Flash, Green lantern and Sinestro make up the BIT+ Series 4 "Worlds Finest".

Watch for the rest of Series 4 to be released throughout the month of November.