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Variant BIT+ Wolverine X-Force Edition

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to release, for the web only, from BIT+ Series 1 "the MARVELOUS",

Variant Wolverine, X-Force Edition.

For all those interested in the BIT+ Paper Toy, it will only be available online and not at any Comic
Convention that I attend.

So please enjoy. 


MegaBIT+ Hulk debuts

Hello everyone.

To the right is a pic of the newest size of BIT+ Paper Toys, the MegaBIT+ Hulk, who is pictured with a regular sized BIT+ Wolverine and a miniBIT+ Spider-Man to give you an idea to the size differences.
Right now only the Hulk comes in the size but if enough people like it and I get some feedback on which characters everyone would like to see in the MegaBIT+ size, I will release more.

I will have the MegaBIT+ Hulk at next weekends Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, Booth 1000. I will post more on the show soon.

Hope you enjoy the MegaBIT+ Hulk!


BIT+ series 7 "Saturday Mornings" Jake and Cake released

From BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings", ITP is happy to release, again, from the cartoon Adventure Time,


I do not know too much about the characters, other than they both have special powers (Jake and expand and shrink to whatever size and shape. I think Cake can do the same, maybe). Don't have too much else to say other than enjoy the paper toys.


BIT+ Series 7 "Saturday Mornings" Fionna is released

ITP Studios is proud to release the next character from Series Seven "Saturday Mornings", from the show Adventure Time,


I really do not know much about the character other than lots of women and girls at the comic conventions I go to dress up as her. Hopefully I did her justice.

Another character from "Saturday Mornings" is coming this Sunday.

As always please enjoy the paper toys.