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BIT+ GODZILLA is here!!!

Another new character from the "Anime" themed series of BIT+ paper toys is now available. While technically not an anime character, here is, GODZILLA!!

I really have wanted to do this one for a long time and I hope you enjoy the latest BIT+ Paper Toy.
Later, t.
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BIT+ TOTORO now Released!

Took longer than I thought but here is the next character from the "Anime" Series of BIT+ Paper Toys, TOTORO!


BIT+ Princess Mononoke Released!

ITP Studios is happy to release the next character from the latest BIT Paper Toy Series called "Anime",  Princess Mononoke.
Came together surprisingly quick for me. Hopefully that trend continues.

Expect another character released in another two weeks.
Enjoy the paper toy.
Later, t.

BIT+ No Face available!

Been a very long time.

I have very busy working on my own personal projects. You can find out more over on my Instagram page @itpstudios.

But, Im not here for that. Its been far too long but I have finally finished another BIT+ Paper Toy and started a new series too. Simply title "Anime" I think it is fairly straight forward the kind on characters you will see.

The first one to be released is "No Face" from the anime Spirited Away.

It quick design to help ease me back into this style of paper toys. Some characters that you will see in this series include Princess Mononke, Totoro, One Punch Man, Goku, and more. Probably end up being around nine characters.

Well thats it for now.

Enjoy the new paper toy and check back in a couple weeks for a new character.


RCRT "Spanky Stokes" Paper Toy released!

ITP Studios is proud to release today from the Yesterdays Forgotten Paper Toy Line, the RCRT Paper
Toy "Spanky Stokes" verison.

I released the "RCRT Blank" a couple months ago and now finally have gotten around to releasing the first theme RCRT Paper Toy. The character "Stroll" comes from the Designer toy review/news website This was the first site I found for designer Toys when I got into collecting and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in finding out more about the designer toy scene.

I will be releasing another RCRT Paper Toy in the next day or so.

Later, t.

RCRT Blank Paper Toy

ITP Studios is proud to release today from the Yesterdays Forgotten Paper Toy Line, the RCRT Blank Paper Toy!
I have been working on this new Blank Paper Toy for a few months now and am very happy to be sharing with everyone today. 
Along with the basic template that is releasing today I also have two accessories releasing as well, which are trucker style hat and toque.  
My goal is to release more accessories like headphones, backpacks, weapons, etc over the next couple months.  So keep an out for those.
There will also be tall and wide versions
of the RCRT Blank. Should see those is a couple weeks. In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the new blank platform. I look forward to seeing what everyone does with it.
Later, t.

BIT+ Swamp Thing now available!!

Time for another BIT+ Paper Toy to be released. This time ITP Studios is happy to bring you,the first character we have designed from the DC Vertigo Line, SWAMP THING!!

It was lots of fun deigning the character. got to play around with the shading and colors more then I normally do as I went away from the simple clean colors to a messy look. Had a hard time settling on the pose for Swamp Thing but once I found it the rest fell together rarely quickly.

Hope you enjoy the BIT+ Paper Toy and be sure to check out our Instagram page @itpstudios for all the latest WIP pictures of projects that we are currently working on.

Thank you for all the support,